Meet Mary Phillips

Mary, Owner of Pawsh Dog Wash

Growing up in Loudoun County, Mary spent a good part of her childhood taking horseback riding lessons and working on farms for fun. In high school she moved on from stable work to pet sitting where she learned the many different lifestyles that pets can lead. Throughout her college career she worked at a therapeutic horseback riding facility as an Assistant Instructor and Director’s Assistant.  Her passion for animals was so strong that she immediately jumped in to Veterinary Technician School after receiving her B.A. in English. With two years of school under her belt and a novel size list of experience, she began her journey to learn first-hand all she could in the animal industry. The list of different industries is vast: dog daycare, animal boarding, veterinary technician work in several hospitals, shelter work, pet-sitting, training, dog grooming and community outreach education programs. Through her experience over the years, Mary found that many businesses that claim to be pet friendly and loving were only referring to those pets that loved back easily. The fearful dogs, anxious dogs and full on aggressive dogs had no welcoming space to go without being judged (her dog included). With this realization it was time to do the only thing that made sense: open a business that offered a welcoming environment to all. Pawsh Dog Wash was born.

Meet Sy

Sy, Paw Pal of Pawsh Dog Wash

Sy is a native of Annandale, Virginia owner of Chester the rescue boxer mix. As an avid dog lover, Sy has worked with many types of dogs in a pet sitting and daycare environment. Pawsh is the perfect place to work and you can always see their art on our windows during the holidays. You can also check out some of Sy’s artwork on sale in our shop.