When booking, please make sure you select the right service: Pawsh Package SC (Short Coat) & LC (Long or Curly Coat) are just bath and nail trims by your pets weight. Grooming is a full hair cut.

At Pawsh, we want you and your dog to feel welcomed and comfortable. We’re proud to offer you the opportunity to wash your dog with our professional equipment while still operating as a full grooming facility. All dogs coming in for a drop off appointment will be REQUIRED to provide updated Rabies, DHPP/ DAPP and Bordetella. Same day cancellation fees for Pawsh Packages & Grooming.

A Finnicky Fido Fee ($15-$25) can be charged for any dog who needs a little extra attention during their grooming sessions.

-All Pawsh Packages subject to a brush out or de-matting fee.-

Services Pricing

Pawsh Packages

Pawsh Packages

Includes bath, glands, ear cleaning, nail trim, and blow dry

Short Coat/Long-Curly Coat

1-15lbs: $35/$45
16-35lbs: $45/$55
36-55lbs: $55/$65
56-75lbs: $65/$75
76-100lbs: $75/$85
100+lbs: $75-$130
*All coats subject to brush out/blow out fee*

Pawsh Packages

Self Serve

Includes shampoo, towels, ear wipes, brushes, dryers and aprons.

Small (1-30lbs): $16
Medium (31-60lbs): $18
Large (61+lbs): $20

A La Carte Services

A La Carte Services

Nail Trim $15
Nail Dremel $20
Anal Glands $15
Brush Out $10+
Blow Out $10+
Face Trim $15
Sanitary $12
Paw Trim $15
Feet/Face/Fanny $35
Dematting: $15+




All based on breed, temperament, and condition of coat at drop-off. Includes bath, hair cut, nails, glands and ear cleaning. Priority Grooming can be done for $30 additional.


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No appointment or vaccines required for Nail Trim, Anal Gland Expression or Self-Serve.


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