Who We Are

Pawsh Dog Wash exists for the sole purpose of giving your pet the best hygienic care we can through means that are best suited for them. We do not believe in one single way to handle every pet. Some dogs require slow and steady during their visit while others need a more firm tone and hand. No two dogs were created equal and we understand that. At Pawsh we do not force things on your dog that we do not find necessary. Some places will try to sell Blueberry Facials, mud baths and specialized treatments- we don’t believe in that, and we don’t believe your pet should tolerate more than necessary for their health and hygiene. Pawsh is here for your pet, not your money.

Humanity Before Vanity

At Pawsh we understand you want your pet to look a certain way when they come in for grooming. However, we do not believe that the risk of lowering your pet’s health and well-being is worth the cost of looking the way you had in mind. Our ultimate goal will always be to have your dog leaving with a healthier coat than what they had upon arrival. If there are matts, we will be honest with you on what needs to be done. Unfortunately, in a lot of matting cases, shaving is the main option for fixing the problem. Some matts can be combed out, but the pain of tugging and pulling for several hours is not worth the agitation and stress it causes your pet. We are here for your pet. Grooming is a stressful process before adding anything else to the process; we are not trying to make it worse for them. At no point do we question that you love your pet. We understand it can be hard to see your fluffy companion have to lose all their fluff to make them more comfortable; but, we always try to remind owners how much better their pet will feel not to have knots and hair tugging at their skin with each step.Pawsh focuses on making your pet feel good, regardless of how they may have to look to obtain that healthy state.

There Are No Bad Breeds

Norman’s story is highly recommended if you haven’t read it yet. He is our motivator and mascot for all that we do atPawsh. For a good portion of his life he was turned away from grooming salons, daycares and pet gatherings because he was a bit more fearful than other dogs. Being a rescue, he had gone through a lot of abuse prior to being rescued by Pawsh owner, Mary. Having gone through many rejections, we here at Pawsh are determined to make every pet feel welcomed no matter their personality or background or breed. All dogs deserve a chance to feel clean and healthy. With this in mind, we have created a safe space for fearful dogs, dog-aggressive dogs, people-aggressive dogs and anything in between so that we can do everything possible to achieve the best experience for your pet. From multiple entry points into our business to tubs that have their own area where your pet doesn’t have to walk by people or dogs, we have tried our best to give all sorts of pets the opportunity to get the care they need. No pet deserves to be discriminated against.

How Self-Serve Works

Our self-serve is priced by weight. Upon arrival, you will see a scale in the lobby; follow these steps on what to do:

Step 1: Weigh your pet (one at a time if you have more than one).

Step 2: Take the correct chip from the wall hook that matches your petsweight. These are located above the scale and are coded by the number of Paw Prints on them (1 Paw Print for our small dogs, 2 Paw Prints for our medium dogs and 3 Paw Prints for our large dogs).

Step 3: Take a seat until a shop attendant calls you back to set you up into a tub. You will keep your tag for the duration of the bath. There are hooks for jackets and bags.

At this time we are NOT offering aprons for the health and safety of our clients.

Step 4: Leave all towels, leash, brushes, hair etc in the tub when finished. We clean up the mess for you.

Step 5: Turn your chip in to the cashier when checking out and you are good to go!

If you wish to avoid weighing your pet each visit- we recommend creating a profile with us so that we can input your pets information for smoother checkout in the future.

Benefits to creating a profile:

  1. You do not have to weigh your pet each time. Whatever your pet weighs the first visit will be the price you are locked in to for future visits (excluding puppies until they reach 1.5 years).
  2. You earn points with each visit that lead to free baths and Pawsh Packages.